Tis the Season… for Meeting Critical Shipping Deadlines!

Tis the Season… for Meeting Critical Shipping Deadlines!

Dec 21st 2021

shipments between
Thanksgiving and Christmas

computer sets shipped from a single order

2020 & 2021
Microsoft Authorized Refurbishing
Global Partner of the Year

As the 2021 holiday shopping season is nearing its close, it’s the final push for online retailers and their shipping partners to meet critical deadlines. If the shipment arrives on-time, the joy of seeing a loved one open the perfect gift will bring a lifetime of joy! But… miss that important delivery window by just a few hours and someone’s holiday is RUINED!. Santa’s elves have put in overtime to get their gifts ready, and his sled and reindeer are prepared to make their magical annual trip around the world. It’s a similar scene for Blair Tech and our shipping partners as we’re similarly running at peak performance doing our part to ensure on-time delivery and happy end-users.

From the start of the holiday shopping season with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday kicking off the excitement, through these last few days before Christmas, Blair Tech will ship more than 10,000 units of our custom refurbished desktops, laptops and gaming computers. With our 15+ years of eCommerce sales and fulfillment experience, our processes have become finely-tuned to achieve this volume of output. We may be just a hair short of the magical levels of Santa’s Workshop, but our production and fulfillment capabilities are a key differentiator that has helped us earn Microsoft’s Authorized Refurbishing Global Partner of the Year award for both 2020 and 2021. Every day, our “elves” at Blair Tech ship an immense volume of orders all over the country, while maintaining the highest levels of quality so we can be sure the end-user receives a great computer that’s delivered on-time and ready to be enjoyed right out of the box.

You’re correct to assume many of the 10,000 plus computers we’ll ship will end up wrapped under Christmas trees waiting to be opened on that one magical day. But, that’s not true for all of them. More than 3,000 of the computers we’ll produce and ship from Thanksgiving to Christmas won’t be wrapped under a tree, but the enthusiasm and critical need for their timely arrivals will be just the same. This is because many businesses and their employees, both those working on-site and those working from home, count on Blair Tech computers to stay productive with the tools they need to do their jobs well. And while there are a number of ways for businesses to purchase computers, many have chosen Blair Tech during Q4 of 2021 because of our ability to meet their deadlines while other vendors are out of stock or canceling Purchase Orders, as well our attention to detail in fulfilling large orders in the manner that is best for each partner.


Losing Trust with Established Vendors… Bah Humbug!

Purchasing from the familiar computer sellers like the OEM’s who produce new PC’s, the large distributor sellers, and even commercial big-box retailers hasn’t been working as of late for many companies. Increased costs and long fulfillment times as a result of the global microchip shortage are making it harder than ever for businesses to get the volume of computers they used to get easily. (We shared what we're hearing from businesses impacted by this crisis in a recent post. You can read about it here.) Without the necessary computer hardware to support their staff, many businesses are unable to meet their forecasted operation and have been forced to look elsewhere. Like that famous red-nosed reindeer… This is where Blair Tech comes in to save the day and fill the void!

With the largest supply of off-lease equipment in North America, Blair Tech isn’t in the business of selling products we don’t yet have. Similarly, we’re not dependent on new microchip’s from overseas manufacturers who have been decimated by staff shortages from the Covid-19 pandemic, as well an unprecedented demand surge brought on by the pandemic’s impact on all our lives as we suddenly needed more technology to work and learn from home. Since all of our products are off-lease, they’re readily available right here in the US. This means our partners can rest assured when they place an order with us, no matter the number of computers their business needs, we have the products and the capabilities to provide what they need in a timely manner. So, while other vendors are stuck and forcing their partners to wait, Blair Tech is fulfilling their orders.

Speedy delivery and fast fulfillment are critical to both us and Santa, but getting the details right about how the shipment arrives and where it ships are equally important.


How It Arrives… It’s Important to You, so It’s Important to Us

Flexibility to meet shipping specifications is another factor for businesses to consider when placing large orders. Lots of computers can mean lots of boxes and packaging materials taking up lots of space (think about how your living room may look following an hour of family members ripping open their Christmas goodies… you don’t want that in your dock or conference room at the office!) Thankfully this is another area where Blair Tech excels to help our business partners.

Not all companies are alike, and as such, their needs and capabilities to the way they receive their shipments are different. While one company may prefer all their computers to be sent on a shipping pallet to a single location with a receiving dock, another could have multiple locations where every shipment needs to be packaged for inside delivery. And one we’ve seen become increasingly more common over the past two years… companies who need computers distributed all over the country to arrive directly to their Work from Home employees.

Blair Tech is prepared to meet the exact fulfillment specifications of our partners so their large orders are shipped and packaged in the best manner possible. No detail is too small for the perfect gift, or the perfect business order, but what’s in the box may be the most important detail of all… so let’s see how we ensure our partners get just what they wanted with every shipment.


The Perfect Gifts for Everyone

Computers are the tools your employees use to get their jobs done, and we understand different jobs require different tools. Same as there’s no one perfect gift to make everyone happy, the same can be applied to work computers… no one configuration can do it all. The perfect computer for one employee’s job may not properly support what another employee needs to do theirs. Customizing the hardware and software specs for each type of employee is critical to providing the right tool for their job. Getting these details right can be just as important as remembering Aunt Roberta is allergic to polyester, while it’s a must-have for all of Uncle George’s favorite track-suits!

There’s also no need for businesses to waste time and money shipping products to one location for imaging and customization, only to repackage and reship them elsewhere to be deployed. The expert “elves” at Blair Tech can eliminate these steps and costs by applying your custom image to your business computers directly at our facility, then fulfill them directly to where they’ll be deployed, even if that’s a single computer to a Work From Home Employees residence. This means employees can get to work the moment they have their PC out of the box, and without any additional IT staff assistance. We’ve been told this service is a Festivus Miracle by a few partners… whatever that means??

Additionally, you can provide your employees with machines that are ready to be used right out of the box. This can be especially important for Work from Home staff, who are without access to in-house IT support.


Resolve to be Better

With the holiday season’s close just a few days away, the new year is rapidly approaching. Soon we’ll face the difficult decisions of what we’ll resolve to do differently to make our lives easier and better in 2022. Don’t let the strain of thinking about what changes your business will make next year loom over your holiday break. Resolve to work with Blair Tech now so by this time next year, you’ll have delivered all your employees the perfect “gifts” for them to do their jobs as well as Santa’s elves.

Celebrate holiday time with your family and friends, and enjoy the visions of our Solutions Experts at Blair Tech dancing through your head!

Happy Holidays from Blair Tech!

Happy Holidays from Blair Tech!