Asset Tagging
Asset tagging assists in the management of physical capital and makes it easy to make informed decisions regarding inventory, repairs and replacement of assets, while also providing a method of tracking and preventing theft of physical assets.
BIOS and Firmware
Some clients may require specific BIOS revisions. Our team can perform updates and configure your devices so they can immediately integrate into your environment upon deployment.
Custom Configuration
For clients that need specific hardware customizations, our team can install hardware configurations that are not available directly from the OEM. (Graphics cards, PCI devices, or other peripheral hardware).
Image Deployment
Core to our practice is the creation, hosting, and deployment of custom-tailored Windows 10 images, allowing for the pre-installation of software, security settings, and automatic digital licensing.

Save money, add value with expert deployment
2.6 hours
Deploying disk images across a large number of machines can be a tricky and time consuming task. The manual deployment of a PC takes on average 2.6 hours per device, according to a study from International Data Corporation.
+179,500% efficiency
Solid State Drives (SSDs) are faster, more reliable, and more energy efficient than their antiquated Hard Disk Drive (HDD) counterparts. Comparing the two, SSDs provide a 179,500% increase in Input/Outputs per Watt usage versus an HDD.
43% of SMBs
Keeping track of inventory prevents theft as well as helps enable companies to make informed decisions. Effectively tracking assets and inventory is something that 43% of Small Businesses are failing at.

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