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IT Procurement

Our certified technology experts have over 15 years of experience designing efficient operating environments for all applications. From Corporate Offices to At home workers and everything in between, we can work with your team to identify the best equipment for the job.

Once the design has been confirmed, our procurement specialists will leverage our distribution network to source everything needed to get your operation online. We can perform a number of forward logistics services and physically install the equipment at your facilities.


Asset Tagging - Asset tagging or asset labeling helps you to manage the physical capital and make it easy to make informed decisions in respect of your physical inventory and asset, whether it be repair or replacement of an asset. Further, asset tags and asset labels are helpful for tracking and preventing theft of physical assets.

Bios Updates/Custom Configuration - Some clients will require a certain bios revision or perhaps just need the settings configured in a particular way. In addition, they may have some hardware requirements that are not available directly from the OEM. For example, adding: graphics cards, PCI devices, or peripheral hardware.

Custom Image deployment - One of our core competencies as (MAR), we can host a clients image on our servers...and deploy on all of the machines (new or refurbished) we process on their behalf.


Storage/Deployment - We store clients machines in a secure area in our facility that have been configured to use in their environment right out of the box. They typically will order more computers than necessary, so we can quickly fulfil when needed. Examples; new employees, new location, system failure, etc….

Depot Repair - Many of our clients’ locations do not have an onsite repair tech to diagnose hardware failures. We can provide the shipping materials and shipping label to have the item sent back to our facility...where we will diagnose and repair. We often deliver these materials with a replacement system as part of the storage/deployment service mentioned above.


Deinstallation - Our team will come on site and remove equipment from a working environment. This is often the first step in deploying new equipment...and can be done as part of one job.

On Site Pickup - Oftentimes a company will gradually accumulate decommissioned IT equipment into a central storage area. Our team will come on site, pack out the items, and transport them to our facility for processing.

Data Destruction - One of the biggest concerns for decommissioned IT assets, is protecting the data residing on storage devices. We can offer onsite or offsite data destruction in two formats. Data Erasure, in which we use a NIST compliant method to overwrite the hard drive and confirm previous data has been removed. Physical Destruction in which we use a mechanical shredder to crush storage devices into tiny pieces.

Equipment Audit - Once we have the equipment at our facility, the next step is to audit the materials. We can capture as little or as much information as our client requires. Examples: Make, Model, Serial, Specs, Asset Tag, Condition, etc…

Recycling - For End of Life (EoL) / Beyond Economic Repair (BER) equipment, we will break devices down to the commodity level (plastics, metals, circuit boards, etc…) and send them to an EPA certified downstream recycler where they can be processed for re-use in the manufacturing of new products.

Lifecycle Services

The Blair Tech Direct Advantage

Blair Tech Direct provides end to end support throughout the entire lifecycle of your IT Equipment.  We simplify the planning and logistics behind large scale rollouts, so your team will never miss a go live date.

Partnering with a company capable of supporting the entire lifecycle, helps you stay compliant with different industry regulations.  We "Close the Loop" with a secure chain of custody from Purchase to End of Life.

Speak with one of our consultants today and find out how Blair Tech Direct can help power your business.

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Serving Businesses in All Verticals


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