We store clients’ pre-configured backup machines in a secured facility, so additional PCs are ready to be dispatched immediately in the case of failure or the addition of new employees or locations.
Depot Repair
In the case of hardware failure, we offer clients mail-in services for device repair. In such instances, a backup machine is delivered with a return packing slip for the malfunctioning device to be sent in for repair.
Blair Tech's team offers outstanding commitment and flexibility to support your business' needs. Scale Up and Down with ease and prepare to support the ever changing dynamics of the modern workforce.
Tech Support
With dedicated account support, our expert techs are on standby to diagnose and resolve any hardware issues you may experience.

Minimizing downtime is vital
91 hours
On average, over the course of a year an individual worker will spend 91 hours (that's over 11 business days!) experiencing computer issues. Scaling those 91 hours per person across the entire workforce is a staggering amount of lost productivity.
Server and network outages will cost companies an average of $5,600 per minute of downtime. Recognizing the importance of company-wide IT assets, don't trouble your IT support staff with individual computer repairs or replacements.
200 minutes
The average time spent on resolving an incidence of IT downtime is 200 minutes. Reaching out to us at Blair Tech can alleviate this time spent on repairs or replacement of individual machines and save you time and money.

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