Moving to Windows 11? Top Considerations to making the switch

Moving to Windows 11? Top Considerations to making the switch

Oct 25th 2021

Save your wallet, time, and the planet with a Lifecycle Service

On June 24, when Microsoft announced its next operating system would be Windows 11, the tech-world was not uniformly surprised. Speculation had begun as early as January when Microsoft posted an indicative job opening. Then, weeks before the 24th, Microsoft released information in a support document, and excitement spread faster. Finally, leading up to the announcement, info from their internal development team began to surface.

Now, with Windows 11 officially here, consumers and companies worldwide are beginning to adopt the next acclaimed OS from Microsoft. While the reasons for making the switch to Windows 11 vary, many of the steps and considerations are universal.


Enter: A Lifecycle Service

Your Ally in Making the switch

With considerations that include old and new hardware, software implementation, data security, and proper disposal, there are many layers to switching computer systems. It takes abundant forethought and collaboration to make it a smooth process. From leveraging the value of your retired assets, securely handling your companies data to deployment and ITAD, it can be a major stressor; But it doesn't need to be.

Partnering with a NAID AAA Certified Lifecycle Service provider, like BlairTech LCS, alleviates security concerns for your data, provides logistical support and even additional personnel to assist your IT staff. Your LCS partner should be able to offer flexible options coupled with industry expertise so that together you can craft a perfect solution to meet your organization's unique needs.


Staying Ahead of the Curve

Maximize New Hardware and Software Adoption

With the release of Windows 11 requiring some of the strictest minimum requirements we have seen, Microsoft created a sudden and unexpected need for upgrading to newer hardware. For those wanting to use the latest operating system in the workplace, requiring 8th Gen or higher pushed many companies to refresh and deploy newer computers sooner rather than later.


Proper Deployment can mean the difference between organizational adoption or IT frustration.

As Microsoft's "Global Partner of the Year," Blair Technology Group's Lifecycle Service Team is uniquely equipped to provide all the necessary support for your organization, streamlining the deployment process and providing expert assistance through a process known as KeyDeploy.

KeyDeploy is a state-of-the-art Deployment suite developed by BlairTech LCS to help your team manage hardware, track IT assets, and deploy new systems seamlessly. Our team augments your IT organization, providing purchasing, logistical and deployment support whenever and wherever you need it.

Where applicable, expert technicians can even help train your staff in a new systems upgrade. Whether it's a new OS like Windows 11 or a custom deployment, ensuring your team knows the latest additions to their workplace toolkit helps maximize the adoption of the new system.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Ensuring a smooth deployment and user adoption is critical to maximizing an OS, hardware, or software upgrade. Partnering with an LCS can alleviate the strain on your IT resources during this critical time.


Maximize the Value of Used Assets

As we all know, running a business during a supply chain disaster is less than ideal, and even optimists struggle to find a silver lining. A product of the pandemic, the global chip shortage is a crisis on the one hand but has also created an opportunity: Much higher value for your used computers.

As new chips are harder to come by, the value for these existing systems has skyrocketed, and benefactors include companies like yours swapping out older hardware. As you plan out what to do with these older systems, maximize their value by working with a Lifecycle Service like Blair Technology Group.

Uniquely poised as the Nation's #1 Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, Blair Tech's premium refurbishment facility enables us the highest level of reuse and the ability to provide your organization the highest ROI possible for your fixed assets.

On top of record-high value for your used computer systems, EOY is quickly approaching, and with-it multiple tax incentives. By turning in your old computer assets for new, you're free to claim the business expense on your tax return and gain additional capital next year. Additionally, the US Government includes Accelerated Depreciation as an option for businesses, allowing you to claim your assets' collective future depreciation and further stretch your tax benefits.
*Consult your accounting department to find out if your business is eligible

KEY TAKEAWAY: Take advantage of the current chip shortage by partnering with an LCS partner that can provide max value for your retiring assets, and be sure to look for tax incentives from making the switch!


Proper Data Destruction is Essential

When cycling out computer systems, your old data is vulnerable. With modern hackers and criminals more sophisticated than ever, the importance of securely destroying this data cannot be overstated. Using a NAID AAA Certified ITAD Facility is the only verifiable way to ensure your data is properly disposed of

This year, BTG Invested heavily in further expanding our capabilities in a new ITAD facility for certified data destruction. Maintaining NAID AAA Certification compliance, Our ITAD facility has been verified by the world's most robust certification process and includes:

  • 24-hours CCTV Monitoring
  • Highly Advanced Alarm System
  • State of the Art Entrance Protection
  • Secure and audited trucking fleet.

From defined processes and accountability, Chain of Custody plans, Certification of Destruction, insurance liability, and highly vetted staff, Blair Technology offers this NAID AAA Certified data destruction service to provide unparalleled peace of mind regarding your company's data security.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Choosing who you partner with when cycling computer systems is extremely important in keeping your company's data secure. NAID AAA Certified, BlairTech LCS conducts data destruction at the highest levels of accountability in a state-of-the-art ITAD Facility.


Support Sustainable Business

Finally, by working with an energy-independent and eco-friendly ITAD, you're not only getting max value for your assets and securely disposing of your old data, but you're also playing a part in keeping our planet clean.

The core of Blair Techs' operation is renewed computer technology, and by engaging with our Lifecycle Service, you receive a robust ROI while supporting the renewed technology sector. This partnership helps to decrease the production of brand-new products and offset carbon emissions from large factories.

You can enjoy not only the tax benefits but the ability to share an eco-friendly message to your customers and employees, increasing your authority and influence as an Environmentally Conscious Company. It's hard to put a price tag on that!


A Tech-Partner You Can Count On

A partner you can trust is the critical pièce de resistance for a smooth hardware or software transition.

NAID AAA Certified, Microsoft Global Partner of the Year, and the #1 Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher on earth, Blair Technology's Lifecycle Service Team provides the highest-level beginning-to-end ITAD Service.

Through our partnerships and infrastructure, Blair Technology truly offers all the best solutions: Providing the highest level of return for your used assets, offering the most robust Keydeploy operation available, and helping not only integrate your new systems and augment your IT staff but, most importantly, maintain the security of your companies' data in a certified, accountable and verifiable method.

Contact us today to maximize your system switch and receive the highest level of Lifecycle Service available!