Windows 10 Pro MAR License

Windows 10 Pro MAR License


As the most secure version of Windows ever released, the Windows 10 Pro special features include advanced threat protection, malware protection, and trusted hardware, together with advanced biometrics (hardware dependent) and the ability to protect files using the BitLocker encryption tool.

The dynamic Windows 10 Pro user experience adapts to the way you work, with an all-in-one touch-friendly, mobile, and desktop operating system. Setting up new devices is quick and easy. Compatibility between devices, apps and settings means you can simultaneously upgrade multiple devices in the same domain from a central PC, via the cloud.

The Remote Desktop functionality enables remote connectivity to a different device in the same domain, so you can always have access to the necessary files, regardless of the device you’re using, or your location. Working from home, in the office, or away on business can now be a seamless transition.

Assigned Access is an additional feature, unique to Windows 10 Pro, where settings can be put in place to differentiate between different users of the same device. Depending on the user, you can control which apps they have access to on a given device.


All of the features of Windows 10 Home, plus:
  • Get built-in protection from security threats at no extra cost with BitLocker, Windows Defender Antivirus and more
  • Access all your files, folders and apps from virtually anywhere on any device with remote desktop
  • Choose deferred updates so you can decide when and how to update your devices
  • Connect to your school, business, or corporate network via the cloud with Azure Active Directory
  • Create and run virtual machines with Hyper-V
  • Make use of powerful management tools for single sign on and more control over your devices

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