Blair Bin

Blair Bin is a new, industrial electronic recycling service that allows organizations to easily and responsibly retire decommissioned PCs, along with other computing equipment, devices, and components.

How does it work?

Enroll in the program
Enrollment is easy, with options for more personalized services.
Fill up your Blair Bin
We have special pickup options for items too large to be binned.
Let us do the rest
We'll schedule recurring pickups to keep your faculty clutter-free.

Why use Blair Bin?

Project Managers and IT Administrators love Blair Tech LCS's customizable service approach designed to meet each business partner's unique needs. Our services are scalable and flexible, putting your company's needs first. You contact us once, and we handle the rest. It really is that simple and easy.
Data security
With NIST-certified data erasure practices, every drive that enters our facility is digitally sanitized or physically destroyed, rendering previous data (sensitive or otherwise) unrecoverable. An itemized Certificate of Destruction can be issued for each work order. Our process is NAID, NIST, and HIPAA compliant.
Environmental responsibility
From the refurbishment of viable devices to the recycling of EoL hardware, Blair Bin is an eco-conscious service that you can feel good about using for your company's hardware decommission.
About the Bin
Blair Bins are designed to securely move heavy and bulky loads. Made out of durable hard plastic, this bin is 48" x 31" x 36" tall, comes with four casters and can transport up to 1190 Ibs.

What items are accepted?

Personal Computers
Desktops, mobile PCs
Mobile devices
Smartphones, tablets
Desktop monitors
Peripheral devices
Printers, speakers, etc.

Get cash back for qualifying items!

Our proprietary remanufacturing process and direct to consumer Sales Model allows us to earn the highest return possible on your retired IT equipment.

Partnering with Blair Tech will add cash back to your bottom line and help streamline the lifecycle of your electronics.

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